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PRADA Twill Knit

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Contents: 97% POLY 3% SPDX

Weight-Gr/Sqm: 219.6567

Width: 58/59"

Country of origin: CHINA

Twill Fabric is a fabric that is defined by its diagonal parallel rib effect. It is medium to heavyweight, durable, and more stain-resistant than plain weave fabrics. It can be light and sheer (twill organza or chiffon) or heavy and stiff (cotton cavalry twill used in pants for example).  Twill can also be knit. Twill is perfect for creating structured garments like pants, suits, skirts, shirts, and dresses.

Animal fabric print patterns look like animal skin or fur. Examples include zebra, leopard, crocodile, or snake.  These patterns are very trendy and fashionable and can be used in scarfs, dresses, blouses, and pants. They can be colored in traditional animal colors or with a splash of color to make the patterns more fashion forward.