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Welcome to Sew Chic Fabrics and Crafts!

  • Our studio in Mount Rainier, Maryland about a mile from the District of Columbia line.
  • We are also located near the new PennyRoyal Station Resturant and EraWine Bar!
  • We have live beginner classes that cater to children as well as adults of all skill sets and levels. We also host team building events,
  • school break camps, summer camps, crafting happy hour, and weekend workshops.
  • We are proud to offer the general public a fun, creative experience in sewing and other DIY crafts!



Beginner Sewing Classes Near Me: Jumpstart your sewing journey with our beginner-friendly classes. Learn fundamental stitching techniques, sewing machine operation, and essential tools. Develop the skills to create garments and gifts that reflect your unique style.

Advanced Sewing Classes: Elevate your sewing expertise with our advanced classes. Delve into intricate sewing patterns, explore complex designs, and refine your craftsmanship under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Crafting and DIY Classes: Unleash your creativity through our crafting and DIY classes. From basic crafting skills to intermediate and advanced projects, you'll transform everyday materials into stunning creations.

Children's and Teen Classes: Empower the younger generation with essential life skills. Our children's and teen classes teach sewing machine proficiency, enabling students to craft garments and gifts. They'll also gain proficiency in using sewing tools and mastering techniques for successful sewing.



Specialized Workshops: Immerse yourself in specific learning experiences through our workshops. Create exquisite leather tote bags, design bras, or craft jeans under expert guidance. Unveil your potential in projects like wooden sign painting to adorn your home.

Customized Group Workshops: Celebrate birthdays and special occasions in a unique way with our tailored group workshops. Beyond traditional celebrations, our workshops offer an unforgettable experience for smaller gatherings.

Private Sewing and Crafting Sessions: Embrace learning at your own pace through private sessions. Perfect for those seeking in-depth sewing and crafting techniques, our personalized approach ensures dedicated attention and progress.

Alterations and Custom Creations: Our studio specializes in alterations, ranging from minor adjustments to complete transformations. Whether it's a prom gown, custom garment, Faja fitting, or repurposing alteration, we've got you covered. We meticulously measure, discuss options, and execute alterations that meet your project's needs.



Our flexible scheduler is designed to accommodate your busy lifestyle. Seamlessly book sessions for learning sewing and crafting techniques in a private setting. Additionally, schedule appointments for alterations, custom creations, and special projects. We prioritize your convenience and project requirements.

Elevate your creativity, master sewing and crafting skills, and experience personalized services that bring your visions to life.

Join us to embark on a journey of artistic growth and self-expression.


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